Lighting Design for Tranquility

Most of us start our day by a visit to the bathroom and most of our important thoughts strike us when we are bathing. It is the place where nobody disturbs us and we can be with ourselves without any interference. If this place is so important, then why not give a thought to its design. brass bathroom lights and bathroom floor and wall tiles make up a large part of what make a bathroom comfortable, so choosing the right ones can be a very important part of the design process.

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How to make a bathroom a relaxing environment

People generally build their bathroom just like another room with some basic facilities. You can go for tiled bathrooms and wooden bathrooms apart from many other choices. If you are tired of the routine pattern of tiles in the bathroom, then you can go for wooden fixtures. If you are worried about wood getting destroyed over time due to moisture, then think again. There are several polishes and coatings that can keep wood safe from destruction over a long period of time. Then there are a variety of wood types to choose from. These include oak, pine and cedar. However, you need to complement the wood with proper designing. This would require some help from the right carpenter or other expert. It is also true that wood alone cannot suffice for construction of the bathroom as you would need tiles to put in the wet area.

Walls & Floors

Tiles come in a variety of makes, designs, materials and shapes. Materials include wooden tiles, limestone, slate, granite, marble, ceramic, porcelain and vinyl. This is not an exhaustive list but just a hint as to what you can look for in the market. Whatever material you choose, wood has its age-old charm. It gives one a personal feel. Wood is very appealing to many people and it is also a status symbol for many others. Wooden floor darkens as time passes by thus giving it even a richer look and feel. The texture of wood fits well with many other designs and materials. However, some people also go for wooden laminates which give the touch and feel of wood at lesser cost. Those who love traditional lives even in urban areas generally prefer these to other tops.

Benefits of Tiles

Why should you go for tiled bathrooms by the way? The simple reason is that tiles make walking and moving easier in the bathroom. Bathroom floor and wall tiles can be installed over existing surface. This reduces the cost of installation since you don't have to get rid of the existing surface. It is easy to pick from the variety of designs. A nature lover can go for soothing and greenery related tile while a modern minded person can pick exotic tiles. You can install special tiles for your child's bathroom. These tiles would have cartoon characters printed on designed on them making them very appealing for your kids.

Just keep in mind that tiles cannot be frequently changed since they get fitted into the ground and walls, hence, make sure you are picking the right quality, design and pattern.